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Why Do Women Feel Insecure Without Makeup, Lash Extensions and Eyebrow Enhancements?

Why Do Women Feel Insecure Without Makeup, Lash Extensions and Eyebrow Enhancements?

To be insecure is someone who is not confident or assured; anxious and uncertain.

I am bracing myself before I begin to express my thoughts on women, insecurity but most importantly, Makeup! *Looks around* I’ve noticed more & more over the past years that women don’t embrace their natural brows, lashes, cheek bones, or nose structures. WHY? Its all about faces being beat to the gawds!

I know many women that wear makeup daily that have BEAUTIFUL SKIN AND FEATURES but when its not worn they seem “out of their element”. When did it become a MUST to fill in your brows before you run an errand or put on lash extensions before taking a photo. It befuddles me!

Makeup, Face On Fleek, Lipstick, Eyebrows, Eyelashes
Google Images- Face Beat (Makeup)

The urgency to wear makeup outside of wearing for photo shoots, special occasions etc. is that need tied to an insecurity? Before I decided to cut my hair off, I knew that my skin wasn’t “flawless”, I recognized my acne scars for what they were. Do I LOVE them, NO! Is it an insecurity of mine.. NOT ANYMORE! Have I tried concealers & powders to cover the scars.. ABSOLUTELY! But, I have learned to take better care of my skin, eat better foods to avoid new acne & simply embrace every part of my flawed being.

“I’m not a slave to makeup. I’m not a slave to not wearing makeup either. I get to choose at [any] given moment. That’s my right.” – Alicia Keys

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Google Images- Alicia Keys No Makeup

I asked a young lady who is a Makeup artist/ Makeup wearer, What her thoughts were on women wearing makeup to mask insecurities?

I believe that the insecurity of not being able to come out or be seen without make up or any facial enhancements all boils down to not being able to whole heartedly accept our flaws. I was once the girl that had to wear make up, lashes, brows done in order for me to go out or take pictures. So I’ve been there, but I also have grown to be OK with my skin, being in the public eye without any facial enhancements and enjoying the freedom of wearing my bare skin, hyper pigmentation and all. I’ve always known that I was pretty, I would hear it from my parents & others all the time. But there where times that I would hear “oh you’re so pretty, if only you could clear up your acne”. Being someone who once upon a time never had any problems with Acne, I wanted people to see my beauty past my flaw. It was the new imperfections that had me insecure, so I would feel the need to cover my scars all the time. With growth over the past few years I’ve learned to accept and love myself more and more”. 

It takes growth to be able to accept your flaws/insecurities & still “love thyself” despite it all. I hope to see more women removing the mask of makeup (if used to hide insecurities) and gloating in their own natural beauty.


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