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Why Every Man Needs to Wear a Watch

Why Every Man Needs to Wear a Watch

Tired of reaching into their pockets to check the time, WW1 soldiers started wearing pocket watches as bracelets. Initially considered a silly trend, wristwatches became the norm because of their practicality and rendered pocket watches obsolete. If you do not wear a watch for one reason or another, here are some reasons why you should start:


They are Functional


Ocean divers and aviators use watches for work reasons. The big advantage of watches over other gadgets is that they can work in the field. They can power through the activities on a field while using a small amount of energy.


You can even purchase a complicated watch if you want to be able to check the date on your wristwatch. Before you buy any watch, you should consider using online tools such as a watch guide to find out what you are looking for in advance.


They Signal Style


The number of acceptable pieces of jewelry that men can wear is limited. Even the most stylish man can only wear so many things on his hands, including a wedding band, watch, and cufflinks. You can use your watch to show off your fashion sense. For instance, you can buy a watch that reflects your adventurous or sporty side.


If you prefer high-end watches, you can opt for a Rolex to communicate timeless, masculine, and understated vibes. A high quality luxury watch will make a man stand out from a sea of other men.


They are Convenient


Watches give you the most convenient way of telling time. If you are one of those people who do not own a watch because they have smartphones, you should rethink your choices. When you reach for your phone to check the time, other applications on the phone will catch your attention. Moreover, it can be very rude to pull out your phone in the middle of a conversation.


A wristwatch, on the other hand, tells the time only. Without offering any distractions. You can glance at your wrist quickly during a meeting or date without seeming rude. In situations where you have to keep your phone hidden, such as funerals and weddings, a watch will come in handy in helping you to monitor the time.


They Offer Simplicity


The best watch is the one that does not use modern technology. It only uses mechanical clockwork technology that came before electricity. Even when your phone runs out of charge, your trusty watch will keep telling time.


Once you get used to glancing at your watch, you will be less likely to use your phone to tell the time. When monitoring something as important as time, you need to make sure that you have a trusted device – one that will not run out of power.


They Make Great Heirlooms


Not only are watches the best gift but they also make the best heirlooms. No matter what you think about death, you can at least agree that loved ones live on in the people that knew them. When you own a watch from a different era, you will always be thinking about the people who existed before you.


Having a watch that was previously owned by a dead relative will make you think about the person frequently. The timepiece will show signs of use and care, which will remind you of your loved one constantly. Your watch can also be your legacy – it will allow you to pass on important values to another person.


They Help You to Associate with Time


Men have been obsessed with time-measuring devices since the beginning of time. A watch can affect your relationship with time in a positive way and remind you to be more attentive. Beyond the mechanical and technical intricacies of a timepiece, people are fascinated by devices that mark time and remind them how limited their time is.


Some watch lovers who like talking about the art of watchmaking form communities to share their passion. Rocking the right watch can add some style to your outfit.


They Embody Craftsmanship


A watch symbolizes history and tradition in one piece with great artisanship. Not many men realize that they are walking around with pieces of art on their wrists. It can take four artisans to design the complex technology work on a watch.


Analog watches have consistent and simple mechanisms and it takes many people to make them. Artsy watches come in different forms: the design of the watch can be pure art or the dial can be an actual painting. Many watch lovers find the movement of the hands as fascinating as the case and dial.




If you want to start wearing watches, you should find a piece that stands out from the rest. Not only will it help you to tell time conveniently but it is also a fashion statement.


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