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Why Hulu Deals a Winning Hand in the Game of Streaming TV and Movies

Why Hulu Deals a Winning Hand in the Game of Streaming TV and Movies

If anyone had told us a decade ago that we’d kick our cable providers to the curb for streaming, we’d never believe it. Find out why Hulu deals a winning hand.

In 2018, the streaming service Hulu achieved 25 million subscribers. Hulu is one of the three leading streaming service giants, right next to Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Hulu is known for hosting an impressive catalog of TV shows as well as hosting its own original programming.

But does it really win, especially compared to the competition? Hulu offers more than both Netflix and Amazon Prime. Hulu offers additional services, including live TV.

And let’s say Netflix gets rid of your favorite show, there’s a good chance that Hulu will still stream it.

Hulu deals the winning hand in streaming services. Here’s why.

Hulu Deals the Winning Hand: The Benefits of Hulu

You get the most for your money with Hulu. Here are the benefits.

It’s Cheaper

Hulu only costs $5.99 per month. This makes Hulu cheaper than its competitors.

In addition, Hulu has approximately 1,650 TV shows and 2,500 films. You can also increase your monthly payment price for none or limited commercials.

Netflix just underwent a price increase, from $10.99/month to $12.99/month. Amazon Prime Video is $8.99/month.

Live Streaming and Recording

Hulu is not only in competition with streaming services but it’s also under competition with live streaming and recording services. Hulu is cheaper than other recording services such as DVR.

Hulu also offers a cloud storage solution that you can access across multiple devices, not just your main TV.

You Have Many Options

We will discuss all of the channels and features of Hulu later in the article. But one of the many benefits that viewers will notice is they have many options with Hulu, compared to the competition.

Hulu’s catalog hosts popular TV shows adored by many types of viewers. Hulu also offers exclusive programs, such as The Handmaid’s Tale. If you enjoy specific programs, you can search any of the channels that Hulu offers.

Hulu also offers plenty of movies. These include new movies, hits, and classics. Hulu is also very friendly to indie filmmakers and offers films across all major genres.

Easy to Access New Episodes

Hulu is friendlier with a program’s new episodes compared to other streaming services.

That’s because Hulu frequently updates its video library with the newest episodes of a myriad of different programs. You can expect to watch new episodes of your favorite programs as quickly as a day after they air.

Flexibility With Plans

Hulu offers different plans with different features. The $5.99/month plan is its most basic plan.

You can access their whole catalog but have to endure commercials and limited screens. Higher-priced plans come with more features, such as fewer-to-no commercials, live TV, recording, and multiple screens.


Hulu boasts many benefits but there are drawbacks. Here’s what you need to know.


Hulu requires commercial play. You can expect to watch three commercials in a row in the middle of your program.

You can opt for limited commercials. But this benefit costs extra.

Limited Movie Selection

If you’re a movie buff, you’ll enjoy their competitors more.

Hulu is renowned for its TV streaming, channel viewing, live TV streaming, live TV recording, and original television programming.

While Hulu hosts several movies of all genres and types, their catalog isn’t as impressive as other services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Keep in mind, Hulu has been improving its film selection. Especially since Netflix is doing away with films and replacing them with original programming.

Can’t Stream Offline

One of the many Hulu requirements is an internet connection. For some features such as live TV, the internet connection should be extremely strong.

This is the same with all streaming services; however, their competitor Netflix now has options to download movies and TV shows and watch them offline.

Hulu hasn’t offered this option yet.

Hulu Is Only Available in Limited Countries

Unfortunately, Hulu is only available in the United States. It can be accessible on some overseas military bases, but that’s it. In addition, Hulu Live is only available within the United States. But Hulu is working on offering an international product.

What to Know About Hulu

But this isn’t all you should know about Hulu. Here are other interesting facts about the streaming service.

You Can Record TV Shows

Unlike other streaming services, Hulu lets you record the live videos you stream.

All of your recordings are stored on Hulu’s cloud and you have 50 gigs worth of storage. If you have Hulu’s basic plan, you’ll still have commercials and won’t have the ability to fast forward through them.

An advanced plan lets you fast forward through commercials and you get extra cloud storage space.

You Get Channels

One of the many reasons why so many people prefer Hulu over other streaming services is it’s the most similar to cable.

Like cable, you get a number of different channels to help organize your favorite programs, instead of organizing programs by genre or other labels.

Hulu has more than 60 channels. This includes sports channels (ESPN, CBS, etc.), lifestyle channels (Bravo, A&E, etc.), and family channels (Cartoon Network, Boomerang, etc.).

Certain channels cost extra per month. These channels include entertainment and premium channels, such as HBO and Cinemax.

In addition, Hulu also includes local channels. When you type in your zip code, you can see the channels only available in your local area. This list also includes live programming, such as local news coverage.

You Can Use Hulu for Two Screens

Unlike competitors like Netflix, which has more flexibility for the number of screens per subscription, Hulu limits you to two screens. This includes a TV, phone, and tablet.

Here are the devices that Hulu supports:

  • Smart TV
  • Android phones and tablets
  • Apple phones and tablets
  • Apple TV
  • Fire tablets
  • Mac and PC Browsers
  • LG TV (certain models)
  • Samsung TV (certain models)

You can pay an extra $9.99/month for unlimited screens. If you have a large family with multiple TVs and devices, this extra charge is worth it.

The Equipment You Need

One of the common reasons why people don’t sign up for streaming services, including Hulu, is they’re not sure which equipment they need. The equipment you need depends on how you watch Hulu.

First, you’ll need one of the devices mentioned previously. But connecting the device to the streaming service is what causes lots of confusion.

Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Download the Hulu App for Browser, Phones, and Tablets

If you’re accessing Hulu on a mobile device, such as a phone or a tablet, all you need to do is download the app. The app you download depends if you have an Apple or Android. There’s also a Hulu app for your browser.

The Hulu app is also accessible for certain smart TVs, as well as the Apple TV.

Connecting Your Device to a TV

What if you have the Hulu app on a mobile device but want to watch it on your TV? If your TV has a USB input, you can purchase a device that connects your mobile screen to the TV. Examples include Google Chromecast.

Fire Stick

A Fire Stick is a product by Amazon. It works similarly as Chromecast but you don’t need to use your mobile device. You can purchase your monthly Hulu subscription and access the app through your Fire Stick.

You plug in the HDMI port into your TV and use the remote control to scroll through the channels and programs.

Gaming Console

Certain gaming consoles are also optimized for streaming. These include Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, and Xbox 360. Keep in mind, certain consoles don’t support live TV streaming.


Roku is one of the pioneers of streaming. They created a convenient system to stream your favorite TV shows and movies. You can use Roku for Hulu and other streaming services as well as their own catalog of TV shows and movies.

Roku connects to your internet. You use the remote to scroll through the programs.

Live TV

In order to stream Hulu’s live TV, you need a high-speed internet connection.

How to Sign Up for Hulu

Signing up for Hulu is easy. All you have to do is access their website and sign up.

Every new viewer has a free trial. From here, Hulu will direct you, such as creating your account, selecting the features you want, and gathering your payment information.

After this, you can stream now and try the free trial!

Hulu Is the Best Streaming Service

Hulu deals the winning hand in streaming services, especially when taking a look at the competition. Hulu makes it easy to view multiple different programs including live TV, original programs, and a myriad of channels.

While it comes with its drawbacks, it has plenty of features for a more affordable price. And Hulu is looking to improve its service by offering more movies and making its product available internationally.

For more interesting facts, continue scrolling through our website.


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