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Why Men Choose Showers Over Baths

African American Man Taking a Bubble Bath

For some reason, a lot of men have wired their minds to believe that baths are not important. Men go from playing in the tub regularly as children to limiting themselves to showers as teenagers. They continue this behavior into adulthood preferencing showers over baths, and only taking baths for recreational purposes; the kind where another person is involved. However, while men exclusively take showers their female counterparts indulge in both bathing practices and there’s no solid explanation why.

If you ask men why they don’t take baths more often or at all you’ll probably get a number of different answers. Some men will give the standard, and very vague answer that men take don’t take baths. Which is interesting, because it’s not written anywhere and there are no known scientific studies that back this statement up. Maybe it’s written somewhere in the bible, there are a lot of things that people say are the bible that most of us have never seen.

The only scientific reason for men to shy away from baths is if they’re trying to have a baby. Heat near the groin area lowers a man sperm count, which is why the testicles hang away from the body. With a bath, the hot water has an even effect on the body so it’s similar to placing the testicles in boiling water. Just a side-note, but men who are trying to have babies should also wear boxers instead of briefs and stay way from heated seats.

Another common excuse is the thought of that taking a bath means that you’re sitting in water contaminated with your own filth. This once actually has some validity.  When you soak in a bath tub you’re sitting in your own dirt, oils, dead skin cells, and not to mention the bacteria that was already living in the tub. Fortunately, you can rise off the tub before and after you take the bath to cut down on the bacteria.  Also, there are bacteria everywhere so if that’s your main excuse, stop living.

When it comes to dead skin cells, the good thing is once they’re off they don’t reattach. Humans shed skin cells daily, approximately 30,000 skin cell every hour. Sometimes the dead ones don’t always come off. Through soaking in hot water we can remove a lot of the dead skin cells don’t shed and get missed during showers.

Claw legged bath tub

The most simplistic excuse to why men do not take baths is, showers are faster and use less water. This is half true, it depends on the length of the shower. Showers can last as long as you want them to or until the water heater stops giving out hot water. They can be anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour. In terms of water usage, the average bathtub holds approximately 50 gallons of water. A 10-minute shower with an average showerhead will use 25 gallons of water. Obviously, a longer shower can result in the same amount of water usage.

When it comes to the benefits of baths, it was previously discussed that they aid in the shedding of dead skin cells. They also help hydrate your skin. Showers strip your skin of natural oils the same what that shampoo strips your scalp of dirt, dead skin, and natural oils. A shower will leave your skin dry and patchy. Soaking in warm water and using bath oils will help preserve your skin and keep it nourished.

Old Spice Man

Another benefit is the therapeutic effect that baths can have on the body. The hot water relaxes muscles and joints, especially when they’re sore. Add some Epsom salt and a couple of jet streams and you’ll swear you’re in a relaxing spa pool. If you do it right before bedtime you can wake up relaxed and pain-free.

The moral of this story is that men are afraid of baths and they shouldn’t be. Baths are more important than men realize, and they can be taken in conjunction with showers. A bath once a week will not hurt you, contrary to what the imaginary manual on “being a man” has taught you. So men, it’s time to step away from your stigmas and jump into the tub. And if you drop the soap, you won’t have to bend over.


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