Why You Should Marry Abroad

Marry Abroad

If the idea of a wedding seems stressful, with the planning and chaos causing you great anxiety, then getting married abroad could be the blissful escape you’ve been looking for – all without realizing it. Of course, a wedding will still be happening, so you’ll need to plan the budget, choose an outfit and see to the guest list, but by being abroad in a foreign county, you may be more relaxed. Your wedding should be the most exciting time of your life, so make sure you enjoy yourself. This is why you should marry abroad.

The Guest List

Marrying abroad means the pressures of inviting a lot of people, some of who you don’t really know well enough, is somewhat lifted. To some, having a large collection of people is the dream, but to others, a smaller, more intimate affair is preferred. Speak to your families and tell them of your plans of marrying abroad and then decide who you want to come. You may find that some people won’t be able to make it due to commitments and costs; if this is the case, and if you do want to celebrate with them, have a party once your return.


Rather than your budget be spent on large quantities of people coming or at a location in your hometown which you’re not too bothered about, spend it on a wedding abroad which also acts as a vacation. Not only is this a treat for you, but it’s also a treat for everyone involved. Plus, if you have it located in your ideal honeymoon location, you can reduce costs and time.

Planning abroad is still a difficult affair, though, and you will want to ask for help. Hire a professional wedding planner so they can ensure everything goes smoothly. If you’re worried about trusting someone else with your wedding, then research for destination wedding planners such as Creative Destination Events, who will ensure your wedding runs like clockwork.


To some, a white wedding dress isn’t their outfit of choice. However, by staying at home, your wedding can become more traditional, and your parents may pressure you into picking a dress more suited to them than your own tastes. By marrying abroad, though, you have more freedom with your outfit selection. For example, if you’re having a beach wedding, you can wear a short, flowy dress which is more casual, and even go shoeless. You also don’t have to wear white at all!


Marrying abroad provides you with the freedom to choosing where you want to get married, when and who you are going to invite without the pressures of being in your homeland. Although it may not be what your parents expected, they’ll come to terms with it, or may even be excited by the idea from the very start! There are many popular wedding destinations, and you can choose to have an intimate gathering on a tropical island or have a luxurious event at Las Vegas.

Prolong the Ceremonies

There are many reasons why people want to marry abroad; whether it’s to reduce stress, have a vacation or do something different, it doesn’t matter as long as you’re happy with your decision. If not everyone is available to fly out for your wedding, hold your bachelor and bachelorette parties at home and have a party once you return. Make sure this is a time you remember for all the right reasons.

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