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Wine and Dine Pairings to Consider When Hosting a Dinner Party

Wine and Dine Pairings to Consider When Hosting a Dinner Party

Are you planning on having a dinner party at your home? If you are looking for the perfect food and wine pairings for your guests, worry no more because we’ve got you sorted.

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Making a dinner party as memorable as possible is the dream of everyone. Creating a menu comes with many difficulties, but you have to overcome it if you want your party to be the talk of your friends for its perfect wine and dine pairing. You can bring in the tropical wine that you have been wanting to try. Pair it with something delicious.

Below are some wine and food combinations you should consider having at your dinner party. The foods include dessert, appetizers, and main dishes.

1. Charcuterie Board and Light, Dry White Wine

Having a charcuterie board on your menu at any dinner party is the best thing. It adds to the festive vibe of the occasion due to the colors of each food item. Its combination of flavors is on another level. There are also some items you can consider adding to your charcuterie board. The items include cured meat, fresh and dried fruit, condiments, crackers, and many more.

According to experts, light and dry variants are the best wine you can consider pairing with appetizers. Doing this will able you to leave room for more flavor-intense and heavier dishes. Imagine pairing sauvignon blanc with your charcuterie board or riesling with a charcuterie board; this will leave your guests looking forward to more dinner parties at your home.

2. Asian Salad and Dry Riesling

Asian salad can be perfectly combined with dry riesling. The refreshing flavors of the dry riesling and the sweet, salty Asian salad will make your evening more exciting than you have ever imagined.

3. Cotoletta Milanese and Gamay Noir

Simple but very flavored food like Cotoletta Milanese can be perfectly paired with a light-framed wine like gamay noir; this is according to Chris Morrison from Chris Morrison Wine.

4. Kingfish and Fennel Crudo With Vinaigrette or Riesling

This is the best combination with which you can have your dinner. There is a feeling of refreshment and excitement that comes with this combination. According to Kate Peck, the citrus in the dish, together with the lively acid in the wine, will make your dinner perfect, a sommelier in training.

5. Roasted Duck and Pinot Noir

Roasted duck can have heavy flavors depending on how they have been seasoned. The food is rich in caramelized trimmings, natural fats, and aromatics, making pinot noir a perfect pair because of its acidity.

6. Seafood Lasagna and Oaked Chardonnay

Seafood lasagna is made with different items like scallops, shrimps and crabs, and a cream-based sauce. It needs to be paired with a wine like oaked chardonnay because it is a dry wine and has a citrusy flavor, reducing the richness in the seafood lasagna.

7. South-Indian Vegetable Curry and Sparkling Rose

The south-Indian vegetable curry is made with coconut milk, making it different from the other vegetable curry. The coconut milk makes the food thick and creamy. Spicy flavors and aromatic spices also accompany this vegan dish. Its intense flavor makes it excellent for pairing with Sparkling Rose wine since it is sweet and fruity.

8. Strawberry Shortcake and Champagne

You can choose to end your dinner party in a sweet and light style by treating your guests to a glass of champagne and a slice of strawberry shortcake. The sweet and savory filling of the fresh strawberry goes hand in hand with the crisp and dry drink like champagne. They make an excellent pairing. Ending your dinner party with a glass of champagne is considered a fitting finale.

9. Molten Lava Cake and Port Wine

Molten lava cake is a chocolate-flavored cake popularly known for its mucilaginous and caramel filling in the middle. Its creaminess and sweetness make it an excellent pair with port wine with bitter chocolate and fruity taste. The wine together with the dessert is also the best way to think of ending your dinner party.

Spanish seafood paella with mussels, clams, shrimp and oysters - paired with red Tempranillo wine.

10. Spicy Seafood Laksa and Zibibbo

According to wine writer Kate Spain, spicy seafood laksa and a glass of zibibbo make a great pair. It is the best way to start a conversation at a dinner party.

Showcasing your knowledge and experience in wine and food pairing is well broadcasted at a dinner party. You can also consider having a collection of drinks and food recipes to help you organize the best dinner party or any party. Aside from dining and wining, good music will also make the party exciting and memorable.


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