Winning Strategies for Breaking out of Escape Room Games

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Some are more difficult than others but no matter who you’re with, escape room games are loads of fun especially with some winning strategies.

Did you know there are more than 2,800 escape rooms? The rapid increase in the popularity of escape room games in recent years is amazing.

Are you planning on visiting an escape room soon and are determined to be the best? We’ve got you covered! Here are the top tips you need to know for breaking out of escape rooms.

Bring the Right Team

When playing escape room games, your team is the core of your success. Try to find coworkers or friends. And remember, it’s not all about intelligence.

According to Breakout Games, you’ll want to look for people you’re comfortable around. “Remember, there’s a very good chance you’ll be freaking out with 3 minutes left, scrambling around with your last hint alongside these people. Who do you want to be within that situation?”

It’s a great point to keep in mind. Another thing to think about is group size. Most escape rooms have a max size, but that makes the room too crowded. Instead, choose a group about half of the max size (usually somewhere between 4-6 people).

You’ll also want a team that can work well together. Listen to each other’s ideas. After all, everyone will bring a unique perspective!

Tips for Searching in Escape Room Games

When searching the room, yell out anything that you find. Often, two pieces belong together. Yelling when you find something helps your team realize when you find items that go together.

For a more organized approach, group similar objects together and create a “used and “unused” pile. Some items may be used more than once, but this will help you remember what you haven’t tried yet if you get stuck.

Place unused keys in a central area, while keeping keys that you used within their locks. This will prevent you from “rediscovering” the same key.

And don’t forget to look in hard to reach places. Have you looked inside the books on those bookshelves? One may be a book safe.

There may be secret compartments. Or maybe something is hidden just out of reach on top of a shelf or behind a cabinet. Check every area of every room.

When solving puzzles, if you get stuck for over ten minutes, pass it on to someone else. Or you can even ask the game master for a hint. Remember, everyone gets stuck, and asking for clues are an accepted method in these cases.

Finally, keep an eye out for common code types. If you see some dots and dashes, it may be Morse code, and raised dots may be in braille. Usually, if there’s a code like this, there will also be a translation guide located somewhere in the room: you aren’t expected to know everything!

More Tips for Escape Room Games

Bring a wristwatch. It will help prevent you from wasting too much time if you get stuck. And it’s always helpful to know just how much time you have left!

Try not to overthink things. Remember Occam’s razor: the simplest solution is often the correct one. If you need a fresh perspective, don’t be afraid to hand it off to someone else.

Finally, have fun! It’s hard to remember when the timer is ticking and you aren’t getting anywhere. But you can’t be afraid to lose: the pressure will make you perform even worse.

Are You Ready to Test Your Skills?

Ready to test your skills and take on escape room games? If you’re in the Atlanta area, consider Breakout Games, which offers a variety of unique escape rooms for you and your friends to enjoy.

Have tips of your own that you want to pass on? Start a discussion below about your favorite escape room tips and tricks!



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