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Winter Skin Recovery

Winter Skin Recovery

Winter Skin Recovery




Ok? So whose here with me when I say “Mother Nature we hear you loud and clear, you have proven your point, and we get it. We have had enough of the cold weather”. Our social media platforms have been inundated with snap shots with single digit degree weather indications, and Instagram memes referring to Princess Elsa from the movie Frozen. My all time favorite is the stick figure with the hat “The air hurts my face. Why am I living where the air hurts my face?” Now I cannot help you with your living arrangements, but if your face hurts I’m your girl. The truth is the freezing temperatures outside and the lack of moisture in the air combined with your efforts to keep warm inside totally have an effect on your#GLOWFACTOR. These uncontrollable elements cause skin to become dry and dehydrated, and lips to become chapped and cracked. So Glow With Me Here…. as I breakdown my tips on recovering that #GLOWFACTOR during the winter months.



1)    Adjust your skin care routine for the season:

During the winter months the focus should be to retain moisture and hydration.

“Try using a gentle creamy cleanser and a hydrating toner. The texture will be comforting and the ingredients nourishing; providing radiance to the tone of your skin.”



2)    Moisturize daily:

Choose a moisturizing agent that is a heavier cream, oil, or ointment. These textures are more emollient than lotions, also don’t forget the SPF.


3)    Exfoliate:

Find an effective yet mild exfoliant with a creamy texture, and no harsh ingredients. “Use gently at least once a week.” The key is gentle. Using product that’s too abrasive on skin will over stimulate causing further irritation.



To remove the dead skin from the lips, apply a bit of lip balm to your toothbrush and brush away.



4)   Eyes & Lips

When dealing with the eye and lip area you must provide constant hydration.

The skin in these areas is super thin, and they do not produce a lot oils. When applying eye creams it’s best to adopt the Ring Finger Technique Patting the formula into the skin using your ring finger “GENTLY”, rather than rub and pull.



5)   Body:

I know those long hot showers make you feel all warm and cozy on the inside. I have to tell you though; you are stripping your skin of its natural oils.  In turn making your skin dryer. What’s best? Quick Luke warm showers paired with immediate application of moisturizer to damp skin.



Pay special attention to hands and feet. Wear socks at night to lock in moisture and soften, and keep a hand cream in arms reach during the day.



Well winter is almost over, so we shouldn’t have to bear much more. Hopefully these 5 tips and tricks will transition that roughdry skin and aid you on your journey to recover that #GLOWFACTOR “JUST IN TIME FOR SPRING.” We all know that beautiful skin is in, and you must learn to Kontrol Your Glow!



Final tip:

If it’s in the budget invest in a Humidifier.  Your skin will thank you for it…




– Shenelle Mays, Make-Up Artist Extraordinaire


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