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YES! Michael B. Jordan’s “Without Remorse” Is Non-Stop Action!

YES! Michael B. Jordan’s “Without Remorse” Is Non-Stop Action!

michael b jordan without remorse

Michael B. Jordan is back, starring in Amazon Prime Video’s latest action thriller, “Without Remorse.”

“Without Remorse,”  based on the Tom Clancy novel of the same name, centers on John Kelly (Michael B. Jordan), a highly skilled and resourceful Navy Seal leading a black ops team dedicated to protecting and advancing American interests overseas.

However, when a rogue Russian black ops team targets his team family–killing his wife and unborn daughter–he becomes anything but a model soldier.  As John goes after a surviving hitman he soons learn that there are greater powers and players beyond his pay grade or rank placing the world at large in even greater danger.

michael b jordan without remorse

“Without Remorse” has been met with mixed reviews for its non-stop action and political undertones of what it means to be an African-American and a soldier. The notion fighting for the ideals of “what America could be;” as opposed to how it is, and how it often treats people of color as second class citizens is clearly present.

Vanity Fair reviewed the film negatively because of how far it strays from its source material in the novel. “Well, Without Remorse could be as bad as it is because the film has strayed so far from the plot of the book. It eschews the revenge against drug dealers and sex traffickers and instead lazily maps out a shadowy campaign to start World War III. The screenplay, by Will Staples and Oscar-nominated crime guy Taylor Sheridan, is a muddle of clichéd tough-guy talk and conspiracy theory. The killing of John Kelly’s wife, which sparks the whole grim escapade, is done cruelly, though it is unfortunately the best-staged sequence in the film. What follows is a programmatic series of twists and reveals, punctuated with leaden action scenes all filmed dark and soupy and limp by Sollima.”

michael b jordan without remorse

On the other hand, the social media reviews of them film have been generally favorable, especially on Twitter. Where Black Twitter has made the film trend. For the love of God don’t listen to critics on this one. This was a great movie. Nothing new or crazy with the story, but it’s so well acted & shot. Michael B Jordan is really becoming that go to action guy #WithoutRemorse,” @OhioDavee posted. Without Remorse is the Best movie I’ve watched so far this year! It kept me on the edge of my seat . I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing a #2 in the works. @michaelb4jordan was amazing as ever. This is a must see movie! #WithoutRemorse, @CandyCherry25 adds. Other users pointed out references to Breonna Taylor and celebrated Lauren London’s return to acting after over a two year hiatus. As you may recall the actress took time away from working to mourn the loss of her slain fiance and rapper, Nipsey Hussle. 

michael b jordan without remorse

Michael B. Jordan, however, shines in this role as a true soldier; a role we have yet to see him in before. Yes, as Killmonger in Marvel’s  “Black Panther” he was an ex-soldier. However, here he is covertly operating under the guise of a ghost for the American government. He moves with righteous fury, whereas there he was an ex-soldier turned anarchist, fueled by rage and raw vindicism.

Michael also pushed himself to new limits for the film, training similarly to actual Navy Seals, to hold his breath underwater for extended periods of time. This enabled him to pull off the riveting underwater scenes you will see in the film. In an interview with 6ABC News he spoke on the film stating, “I’ve always been a fan of the Tom Clancy universe, even back when I was kid playing video games,” Jordan says. “Honestly, years later to come around to this project and have the opportunity to breathe life into it and do a fresh take and make it a little bit more modern, I kind of jumped at the opportunity.”

You can watch “Without Remorse” streaming on Amazon Prime Video today.


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