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Words Will Never Hurt Me by Cherie Jordan

Words Will Never Hurt Me by Cherie Jordan

Ronnie had the perfect life every little girl dreamed of.

Her handsome and successful husband, Michael; her active son, MJ; An immaculate home located in an upscale neighborhood; A lucrative nursing career.

Even though Ronnie’s every effort was to make Michael a happy man, hostility in the home prevented her from enjoying her fantasy life.

Enduring unthinkable situations from Michael, Ronnie gradually realizes her life isn’t what she wanted or imagined.

Her biggest fear is leaving a controlling husband and living alone to raise a four-year old son. Ronnie knew she had to leave before it was too late. Or was it already too late?



Because Michael has deep seeded issues, he used his words as a
weapon to assassinate my self-worth and confine my ability to think
on my own. Despite his diabolical scheme to break my spirit, I have
harbored a yearning to discover who I really am. One delusional time
in my life, I believed words were insignificant blurbs that would
never hurt my existence. The handprints on my neck disappeared as
soon as Michael released his repulsive hold around my neck. But the
words. The words have etched a stain on my heart so deep it has
mutated to a melancholy shade of ebony.

Cherie Jordan has been an Educator for over 20 years in the Dallas area. She graduated from Grambling State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. Shortly after moving to Dallas from Louisiana, Cherie acquired her Master’s degree from Texas A&M-Commerce in Education. Her career in Education includes being a teacher and school administrator.

Her most recent achievement is becoming a Certified Professional Coach and stepping into the arena of becoming an author and a motivational speaker.

Cherie’s inspiration for writing Words Will Never Hurt Me came from her own experience in an abusive relationship. Although financially sound, she still was unable to disconnect herself from her situation. After several eye-opening experiences, she finally realized the power was inside her to break away. As Cherie fought through depression, she was determined to make a better life for her son.

Through her pain, Cherie determined her dream was to be a Life Coach and Motivational Speaker to reach other women who feel they can’t have a better life, as well as, help women who have suffered tragic events in their lives. Cherie’s mission is to show women how the power was inside them all along and they can have the life they always dreamed about having.

Cherie lives in the Dallas area with her teenage son.


Get to Know Cherie:

Why did you write Words Will Never Hurt Me?

I had been in a verbally abusive and controlling relationship for years. After coming out of my situation, I suffered from depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety and panic attacks. After much prayer and self-reflection, I was healed from the scars of my relationship. On a path to find my purpose, God revealed to me to share my story with other men or women who may have been in my situation. Society fails to recognize verbal abuse and control as domestic violence but it is the prerequisite to physical abuse. Awareness is the key to keeping your safe and not entering into a violent situation. I pray that Words Will Never Hurt Me will shed some light on this epidemic.


What is the divine message you’re sending to your audience through this book?

The great thing about my book is that it doesn’t just target domestic violence. There are so many other issues I outlined in the book. One thing I would want the reader to take from it is to love yourself before getting involved in a relationship. Ronnie, the victim and Michael, the perpetrator, both had unresolved issues from their pasts. Once you are healed from tragic events, then you can move toward having a healthy relationship. The book also outlines Girl Power which has been my logo for the book. This term means many things to me as well. Ronnie had to find the power within herself to move forward. I would want the reader to dig deep inside themselves and realize the power they have to overcome any obstacle. Also, Felicity Montgomery, a powerhouse lawyer in the book, pinned the term during dialogue with Ronnie. Her explanation signifies my purpose. Once you have picked yourself up out of a tragic and life-changing situation, don’t sit it on the shelf and be content. Find your power to help the next person. If more people reached out to help other people, the world would see a significant positive change.


What are your inspirations when it comes to creating?

I am a storyteller. I’m really not a writer per se. I like to distribute information to the reader. So my style of writing will be to inform the world about a social issue.


Overall, what kind of feedback have you garnered through this book?

I have gotten many accolades for writing the book. I’ve even had a close friend tell me about their domestic abuse situation. I hope to hear more stories so people can start opening up. Talking is really the first step in the healing process. If it is hidden, it can’t be resolved.


In what ways is this book part of the purpose for which God has created you?

This book is only scratching the surface of God’s plan for me. I aspire to be a motivational speaker and hopefully bring this book to the big screen.


Are there any other books you’ve assembled or plan to write?

Yes! I have two sequels planned for Words Will Never Hurt Me. The next sequel will discuss Ronnie’s mental health after the abuse. The world needs to know that it’s ok to seek help.


Any speaking engagements as it pertains to promoting your book?

My book launch will take place on July 8 in Dallas, TX.


Anything else you’d like to add ?

I ask that people buy this book, share it, talk about it and heal with it. Even though I am healed, I found myself feeling comfort from writing it because I know someone will be set free after reading it.


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