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Work from Home, Stay Focused and Love It: How to Work from Home Successfully

Work from Home, Stay Focused and Love It: How to Work from Home Successfully

Read the list if you’d like to learn how to work from home successfully. We offer the best tips to keep you sane, productive and happy with remote jobs.

Working remotely is getting more and more popular. Companies love it because they save on overhead, and often their employees are happier, thus more productive.

Some people say they are reluctant to work from home because they are afraid they will get distracted, they will lose valuable face time with the boss, or they might go crazy being home all day! The truth is working from home gives you balance and flexibility that will help you succeed in work and in life—if you do it right.

Here are five tips on how to work from home successfully.

  1. Set a Schedule

Job Creep” is a phenomenon that hits remote workers, because it is hard to turn off your work at the end of the day when your work is at home. You may find yourself cooking dinner while checking your email, and interrupting family time on the weekend to run into your office to get something done.

Being available at all times causes burn out. It defeats the whole idea of working from home, which is ostensibly so you can have work/life balance!

Set your clock to 9 and 5, or whatever time period you would work if you went to an office. When the day is done, put your work away and enjoy the life you have worked for.

  1. Get Out of the House

One of the most important ways to stay sane while working from home is to get out of the house! You can look up from your desk to realize you have not left the house all day, you have not showered, and you have not spoken to another living soul. Get out!

Walk your dog. Have lunch with a friend. Go see the school play.

If you still need to get something done, check out the coworking options near you. Coworking spaces give you the chance to commiserate with other remote workers, talk about TV around the coffee station, and feel like part of a community.

  1. Get Dressed

Looking professional helps you act professional. Don’t fall into the sweatpants trap, and work in your pajamas all day. You never know when that Skype call will come through and they will see that you haven’t showered in days.

You certainly don’t have to wear a suit every day when you work from home-  that’s another reason why you chose this life! But approaching your workday with a clean face and a pressed outfit will help you maintain a professional demeanor. Have pride in how you look and what you do.

  1. Enjoy Your Flexibility

You wanted work/life balance, so take advantage of the flexibility that comes with working from home! Put on your out of office message and go on vacation, chaperone the school trip, or have lunch with your best friend.

  1. Make Your Office Nice

Like your own outfit, you want your workspace to be comfortable and appealing, even when you work from home. Make sure you create a space that is conducive to a healthy workflow.

Invest in good technology like a great computer and printer that will help you produce a high-quality work product. Hang up your clothes and tidy your desk.

Position your station so you can look out the window, or at least gaze upon your favorite art or family photos. When work is at home, make it as homey as you can. or choose a nice coworking station where you can relax and be productive.

How to Work from Home Successfully: Compartmentalize

Keep your home and work separate- in your head, if not in your actual house. When work ends, shut the door on it and go enjoy life. When work begins, act as you would in an office-  with the understanding and gratitude that you don’t.

That’s the first step in learning how to work from home successfully.

You can have it all if you follow these basic tips on maintaining your professionalism and your sanity at the same time! Find out if working remotely is right for you.


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