Yandy Smith Glows at Ballerina Themed Baby Shower

by Samantha Denäe

Yandy-Smith-lMendeecees-jr-and-Mendeecees-at-baby-shower Yandy-Smith-Mendeecees-Baby-Shower-1

Yandy & Mendeecees have to be THE cutest couple in reality TV! This weekend the pair threw their “Ballerina themed” baby shower in preparation for their little princess.

With the countdown beginning before Yandy gives birth, she wanted to make sure she was able to put on a fabulous baby shower fit for a princess.

As she glowed in a beautiful baby pink dress to switching to a stunning white gown, Yandy looked gorgeous as she glowed and was ready to pop!


Her fiancée Mendeecees looked dapper in a black tux and they were one big happy family as they celebrated with their sons, Mona Scott Young, Richie Dollaz, Kimbella, Julez Santana and more.

Keeping the baby’s name a secret, she did reveal that Deecees wants something from Africa:

“I love the name Smith, which is my last name, but he is very big on names that have meaning. His whole family has African names that have meaning – ask me if he’s African, and I’ll tell you ‘no’. But he wants our daughter to have a name with meaning, so we’ll see what happens. I don’t know if I’m going yo win the Smith battle, but all my children will be named Harris, so I just wanted to have my legacy live.”

Congrats to the happy couple! Mendeecees finally gets his little Yan!

Check out some pics from the shower below!

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Kimbella & Julez Santana


Yandy & her mother


Desserts by Prissy Sweet Cakes Treats and Glam Candy Buffets


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