YESSSSSSS! Disney developing Live Action Aladdin Prequel!

The moment every Disney fan has been waiting for–Aladdin! The next classic Disney film going live action is in pre-production and we could not be happier! First, Maleficent and then Cinderella, Disney is really on a roll with these live action adaptations and new interpretations of the characters. Like the preceding films, Aladdin too will have a twist. It will not be an adaptation of the original animated film, but a prequel about Genie and how he became a prisoner of the lamp! As you know the character was voiced by the late, great, Robin Williams; and is easily one of the most iconic Disney characters in history.



This is a smart move on Disney’s part, as Aladdin would require some rather stunning visual effects and follows a formula that has created some hit films. Although Genie is a beloved character we know so little about how he actually became a genie. As you recall, from the original animated film genies are slaves to their lamps and their various masters. They also have to “become genies.” Think about how Jafar became the giant red genie at the end of the original film. Did Genie suffer the same mishap? How was he tricked into becoming a wish granter instead of a wish maker? Well, we will learn soon enough. There is no news of casting, or if Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, and Jafar will make an appearance. However, I hope this will be a two part project–a prequel and a live action adaptation of the original film. It would be nice to see all the characters on The Big Screen again!

Check back here for more Aladdin news. In the meantime Beauty and The Beast is coming out in March 17, 2017!

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