The Yizclusive Experience with Yisrael Wright

Yisrael Wright is here to make sure you are clean-cut .

It’s fair to say that everyone can appreciate a well-groomed man. Taking pride in one’s image is not a bad thing. It shows good hygiene. Sometimes in order to get a new and fresh look, you may have to switch things up.  Give Yisrael Wright a chance to change the way you feel about yourself and your hair.

Yisrael Wright

After graduating from school to become a barber, Wright noticed that there was something lacking in men’s grooming. He noticed that some were not taking the profession seriously. To combat that issue, Wright focused on education and offering his clients something beyond a haircut, a Yizclusive Experience.

Yisrael Wright

The Experience

Clients should have a consultation to go over all of their concerns and issues. Once that is complete, the clients have a vast selection of services to select. The conclusion includes after care instructions and products to help maintain the finished product. Keeping in mind that health and wellness is a full spectrum, Wright offers and uses natural and organic products.

Yisrael Wright

The most popular services offered are haircuts and the 24k Gold Facial. If you have never experienced a facial, you are missing out!


Wright Now

When he is not helping clients become dapper, he is on the set making sure the actor’s character is all lined up, literally. After being a barber for the hit movie Barbershop 3 with Tariq Navar, Wright was able to become a barber for the second season of the FX hit series Atlanta, starring Donald Glover.

Magic Mike XXL Premiere Donald Glover1

With six years of experience, it was time to put that experience in print. “Entrepreneur: What I Wish They Would’ve Told Me” is a book about helping others turn their passion into a paycheck. There are 12 chapters for each letter in entrepreneur, like an acronym or principle. When asked to pick which four chapters were standouts, the selections were energy, resourcefulness, trust and respect. However, all chapters are equally important and work hand in hand to help you achieve the maximum results.

Yisrael Wright

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