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You Are What You Eat: How Your Eating Habit Can Help You Achieve Healthy Skin

You Are What You Eat: How Your Eating Habit Can Help You Achieve Healthy Skin

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Everyone wants healthy skin. There’s a billion dollar beauty and skin care industry built on top of that simple fact. People constantly buy cleansers, exfoliates, acne creams, and concealer, just to be able to present a clear face to the world. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how many different products you use, what you put on your skin is less important than what you put in your body.

A healthy diet should be the most important aspect of your skin care regimen.  Sometimes the things that we love to eat are the exact items that cause our breakouts. More importantly, depending on your genetic make-up your body can have a number of different reactions to any type of food product. However, somethings when it comes to food are universal.

WaterObviously, everyone should drink lots of water every day. Water hydrates the skin and keeps your skin cells healthy and alive; until it’s time for them to die. Flaky skin comes from dead skin cells, that have probably died earlier than expected. There are many reasons why skin cells can die before their time, however, the most common one is not being hydrated. In addition to keeping skin cells alive, water flushes most of the toxins in our bodies that can possibly be absorbed and affect out skin. So make sure you’re not just splashing water in your face, but also putting a lot of it into your body.

Omega 3 and 6 Acids

Foods that are rich in Omega 3 and 6 acids can proactively enhance your skin. They’re necessary fatty acids that are essential to our diets. Together these acids aid against dry skin, They work together to promote cellular growth and the formation of cell walls. Omega 3 and 6 acids can be found in fish, mussels, oysters, nuts and beans, leafy greens, and tropical fruits.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C is known for providing antioxidants, however, it also is beneficial for the skin. This vitamin promotes fibroblast proliferation which makes up the skin-firming collagen that is found in the dermis layer of the skin. It also helps to inhibit melanogenesis, which is a hyperpigmentation that causes darks spots on the skin. In addition to citrus fruits like oranges, you can get vitaminC from berries, tomatoes, peas, and bell peppers.


Probiotics are normally credited with helping your immune system prevent infections, yeast overgrowth, and viruses, however, there is more research coming forth that they also help with skin health. It makes sense since infections sometimes present themselves in the form of a skin problem. Also, probiotics help battle other skin conditions such as acne and rosacea.



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