You Can’t Kill A TV Classic! NBC’s Heroes Are REBORN!

Teleportation, time travel, accelerated healing, flight–all super powers we as mortal men and women dream of having. However, what if superhumans really existed? What if the boy next door was strong enough to dent cars with his finger tips or that scary Gothic girl in your homeroom could generate fire so hot she incinerates any and everything around you. Amazing and scary right? Well NBC’s Heroes are back and hunted! These very fears have cause normal humans to turn against them, Evolved Humans (Evos), attempting to wipe them out of existence. There is just one problem the latest threat to the planet will require their powers to stop it. The world will ask “Where are the heroes?” Check out the trailer below.

We have heard this mantra before with mutants of the future in X-Men: Days of Future Past, but they had killer robots not mercenaries to deal with. What makes this similar storyline different? For one, the heroes we grew up loving are back! Hiro, Micah Sanders, Mohinder, and Noah Bennett amongst others are revived! The original series may be gone but just from this trailer we can see this reboot/sequel is going to be awesome. Still, we have to wonder what single event caused such a backlash against Evos? Who is the Eskimo girl and what is she manipulating in the sky? Are Micah’s parents alive? Then, who is the mysterious Asian girl with the sword. She has to have some connection to Hiro–a daughter maybe? New heroes and new villains! The possibilities are endless! We, however, cannot wait for fall. Someone get Hayden Panettiere on the phone because we are going to need all our heroes. “Save the cheerleader, save the world!”


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