Kontrol Homme Report: You’ll Never Be Smoother! Check Out The Van Der Hagen Shave Set!

Guys, let’s face it. Shaving can be a real pain in the a–! The stubble, the figuring out how your hair grows, lathering, etc. It can all be a big much. Most people think the key to a great shave all lies with the razor. Most people would be wrong! The key to having your manly mug feel like a baby’s bottom all lies with the shaving accessories. A badger brush, soap, and stand and bowl are all you need, but only if it’s from Van Der Hagen! Over the years I have definitely been one of those guys who hated to shave, finding it hard to find a product that could give me the clean shave I desired, without razor bumps or scars from knicks. This is the first product that did not agitate my skin or leave me with unwanted stubble.

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Van Der Hagen has definitely produced a quality project. Each of the accessories for the shaving set are old school, giving you the feel of a barber from the turn of the last century. I really loved the soap used for lathering. You can tell it was specifically made for this purpose as it does not dry your skin out or leave behind scummy residue. As you know dry skin and soap scum can make an awful shave as they leave the skin exposed, cracked, and vulnerable to cuts; in addition to preventing a close shave. As a man, and one who prides himself on being well groomed this is definitely a product I will be recommending to my friends. Don’t forget Christmas is right around the corner, and this set will make one awesome gift for a friend, or if you’re a woman, the amazing man in your life!

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