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Your Guide To Choosing the Best Leather Jacket for You

Your Guide To Choosing the Best Leather Jacket for You

Having at least one leather jacket in your wardrobe is an investment that’s worth making. Good quality men’s leather jackets last for years and years, and the more you wear it, the more comfortable it gets.

In this post we’ll go over a few key tips and things to keep in mind when shopping for the best leather jacket for you.

Be Prepared To Spend Some Cash

Anything made from genuine leather is not cheap, and a good quality jacket that is well made is no exception.

If your budget for a new jacket is under a hundred bucks, you’ll be better off buying a jacket made from cotton, denim or some other material, as you won’t get good quality leather for anything under maybe three or four hundred dollars. Not unless the jacket is part of a clearance sale or something.

My advice is to allocate at least five hundred dollars for your new leather jacket. That way you can be assured of buying quality.

What Colour Should You Choose?

Black is definitely one of the most common colours chosen by guys when it comes to leather jackets, and so too is brown.

Here are the most common colours, but there are more than this on the market:

  • Black
  • Dark Brown
  • Saddle Brown
  • Charcoal (Grey)
  • Burgundy
  • Taupe (Nude)

Black and brown likely outsell other colours by a decent margin simply because these two colours go with just about anything, look “manly” and match up well with most types of jeans.

There are metallics on the market today, and if you opt for suede, you can get some nice colours too, such as emerald green and navy blue.

How Well Should a Leather Jacket Fit?

This often comes down to personal preference. While you want it to fit right and look good on your frame, you don’t want the jacket to be so snug that it restricts your arm and shoulder movements.

Leather is flexible, but it’s not exactly stretchy, so too snug and you might not be able to move as freely as you would like.

Some Common Leather Jacket Styles for Guys

There are quite a few different styles and cuts of the leather jacket on the market today. We’ll cover some of the more common ones to help you make a choice.

Biker Jacket –Not necessarily reserved for people riding with an outlaw motorcycle gang, the biker jacket often features a double-breasted section at the front and zips up more toward the right armpit. It’s a classic style that never goes out of fashion.

Racer Jacket –This one is modelled on the style of jacket pro motorcycle racers wear, except designed to look fashionable rather than a serious racing jacket. These feature a zip straight down the centre and often have a banded collar to keep the cold and wind off your neck.

Flight Jacket –Often in brown, but also black, the classic flight (aviator) style of leather jacket is mostly comprised of leather but has a stretchable waist and cuffs made from the material. It also features a furry collar in many cases and big square pockets with flaps.

Bomber Jacket –Similar to the flight jacket, in that it has a stretchable ribbed waistline and cuffs, the bomber jacket also often has this feature around the neckline, as well as angled pockets to easily slide your hands inside to keep them warm.

Classic Jacket –This is more of your common, stock standard leather jacket design, and something that will always be in fashion. You really can’t go wrong with this more basic cut of leather jacket, and you can dress up or dress down with it.

Field Jacket –When it comes to this particular leather jacket, the main features are more pockets. If you’re wanting to wear it out and about doing things like photography, having lots of pockets means there’s plenty of places to stash your gear within easy reach. Some people like lots of pockets for show, but this jacket is also very practical.

The Takeaway

All good quality leather jackets exude style and will serve you well for many years. Every guy should have at least one leather jacket in his clothing collection and it’s worth spending a bit more on a good one.


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