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Yumtastic Snacks that will keep your waist snatched!!

With summer fastly approaching, lets make sure that any food we consume is going to furnish the end results. Our goal is to have a toned sexy body that we can carry into the next season.  Now is not the time to enter bad food into our body. Think of your body as an motor vehicle. When cheap oil and or fluids are placed into the engine, it can cause problems that you did not plan for. This is a great analogy to think of when it comes to our body. Why should we put junk into our vessel? It was not made to digest unhealthy things such as snacks and sugars high in salt and fat. Instead of eating the type of food that does nothing for the body, try eating healthy treats that are satisifying and will keep that waist in check!


Don’t get me wrong. Everyone enjoy snacks that are not so good for the body. Just remember to eat them in moderation. Still have a sweet tooth fix? Instead of eating a donut or honey bun, try eating a Gala Apple with crunchy peanut butter. Not only is this a child hood favorite, but this snack is packed with protein and fiber that can help your body stay regular. In need of salt and vinegar potato chips? Try eating some trail mix! Not only will it keep you full longer, but that sweet and salty fix is cured! I love trail mix and enjoy making my own so I can devour it on the road, at work, or at home. I have full range of what items I put into the mix and what things I can omit. For example I love cashews, cranberries, banana chips, apricots, etc. The combination between the nuts and dried fruit always have my taste buds in a lip lock!

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