Zulay Henao Hollywoods Leading Lady

Zulay Henao, one of the leading ladies in Tyler Perry’s new film, “The Single Mom’s Club” [alongside of; Nia Long, Amy Smart, CoCoa Brown, Kendra C. Johnson, Wendi McLendon-Covey, and Marlene Forte], introduces us to her character, Esperanza and shares why we should not hesitate to hit the box office on March 14th to see this this phenomenal film. Henao also talks auditioning/knowing the part was hers, working with Tyler Perry, Love, and her life’s purpose. Full on her words of wisdom and hope, she unknowingly spoke to my very soul. Reminding me [this wife and mother of two under two] why it’s important for us as women to seek and maintain our individuality. In a matter of minutes, Zulay managed to speak to my fears. Fears I’m sure I share with many of you moms [married or single] out there, as well as the other characters in Tyler Perry’s new film; which I am sure to go see. “The Single Mom’s Club” in theaters March 14, 2014!


Bee W:  Congratulations on your role in The Single Ladies Club! How did you land the role?

Zulay H: I auditioned out here in California and we waited a while for some news. Then I got a call from the casting director, Kim Coleman saying that Tyler Perry would love for me to come down to Atlanta and be apart of this movie. Of course my response was,”Absolutely!” It was a regular audition process and it was just meant to be.I don’t believe in coincidences. Yes I auditioned, but I was ready for something, I prepared for something, and I was ready when the opportunity presented itself.

BW: Are you married, or do you have any children? If not, are there plans for a family?

ZH: I’m not married, nor do I have children, however I am very excited about that part in my life whenever it shows up. Only God knows when that will happen. Part of my prayer everyday is that God will use me in the way He wants to use me. That I don’t miss the opportunity to see the things He’s trying to show me. So, I’m just living everyday thinking, “What will my purpose be today? How can I live out my purpose the best way possible?” One day that will include a relationship and having a family. Until then, I’ll just stay in my purpose and I’m sure that I won’t miss out on these things when they come.

BW: How was it working with Tyler Perry

ZH: Working with Tyler has been an amazing experience. One thing I loved about working on his set, is that everyday before we began work, the entire staff and stage crew came together to pray. I love what he represents and how he never allows Hollywood to set or change his standards.  He is one of the most influential people in Hollywood right now and his work speaks for itself.

BW: You mentioned earlier that you didn’t want to play the sexy latin girl in a national commercial. Whats your take on the Image of Latin women in Hollywood?

ZH:  Typically in films we are casted as the sexy, voluptuous [vixen]. I want to do work with more depth to it, that has more life, and a deeper journey that’s more heart warming. That’s that area I’m moving into, and right now Zoe Saldana is doing a great job with that. She’s commercial, she producing her own things, and trying to work in a space that shows who she is as a human, beyond being the sexy, beautiful Latin woman in hollywood.


BW: What do you want the world to know about you or who you are as an actress?”

ZH: My objective has changed [over the past year]. I feel, you start thinking one way and it evolves into different things. Not that my initial thoughts of what my career would be were wrong, they’re just evolving, because I’m growing and I’m different. My objective as an actress is to change the self image that we as latin women have of ourselves. I want to be apart of a group of artist that are changing the image of women. I want to touch hearts, change people’s thoughts, whether its through comedy or a dramatic piece. My agent asked if I wanted a big commercial this year, as you know the sexy latin girl thing and I said No. I want to be an award worthy actress. Not so much award worthy but an actress that says something, stands for something. I want to speak through my work, I want my work to speak for its self and I want to tell beautiful stories.”



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