Zuvaa celebrates 2 years as the go-to African fashion site

By Chic Chik, fashion writer.

Melanin is popping and so is African fashion. Just take a look at the prom dress that broke the Internet last year and the kente swimsuit models that currently have everyone watching. Black fashion queens are longing for a place to represent African heritage, and if you are a part of melaninated crowd of fashionistas, Zuvaa is the best one-stop shop for you.
Zuvaa is exactly what it’s slogan says “a global marketplace for African design.”
The site features designers from Ghana, Nigeria, Canada and everywhere in between. The aesthetic is all about the African diaspora.

Sunshine – two piece maxi skirt and tailored top by Tribal Groove
Sunshine – two piece maxi skirt and tailored top by Tribal Groove

The menu is broken down by women, men and children as well as under $50, plus size, shoes and accessories.
If you’re longing for a kente skirt or ankara blouse, shoppers can browse by the fabric. Not only can you choose from a variety of African prints, but you also get a history lesson about where each fabric originated and how it is traditionally worn.

Tribal skirt with statement pockets by Niapsou
Tribal skirt with statement pockets by Niapsou

The site is also organized by occasion and price point, which teeters between budget friendly and splurge.
The company celebrated it’s two-year anniversary this weekend, hosting pop-up shops in Atlanta and Washington D.C.
There were models, music, African clothing lines and several of the designers popped up on the scene too.
If you missed the celebration, it’s all documented on the @shopzuvaa Instagram.
If you’re looking to shop black and support African designers, visit the website, zuvaa.com, and watch your eyes be opened to the world of African fashion.

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